Censorship: Facebook Bans Crucifix As ‘Excessively Violent’

The commissars of political correctness at Facebook’s standards for content department are okay with exploited women and children.

But any representation of a gun is anathema.

And now apparently any representation of the cross of Christ is entirely unacceptable.

A Christian college put up an ad which featured an historical representation of the crucifixion and was flagged for inappropriate content.

Apparently it’s ‘excessively violent’.

Never mind that it’s history, not to mention the crux upon with the entirety of Western culture turned.

There’s no wonder that folks in flyover country are abandoning Facebook in droves.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Now, as if Facebook didn’t have enough troubles, a Roman Catholic university in Ohio is charging that the social media behemoth rejected its Easter ad last weekend because the crucifixion it depicted was “shocking, sensational and excessively violent.”

Do ya think?

Isn’t the brutal violence of being nailed to a cross naked until dead part of what Christians have been observing lo these almost two millenia? Without the awful death for the sins of man, there is no resurrection. Perhaps someone in Silicon Valley knows that.

Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio (“We teach those who teach the faith”) sought to post a series of ads for its online theology programs last week. One of them included an image of the Crucifixion of Christ on the San Damiano Cross.

Soon, the ad was barred and the university received the following administrative notice:

“Your image, video thumbnail or video can’t contain shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content.”

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