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CEO: Beef Will Be “Rare Luxury,” Because Climate Change

European CEO claimed on Monday that steaks and other beef products could become rarer commodities due to the alleged impact that the production of beef has on the climate, the New York Post reports.

Jais Valeur, the CEO of Danish Crown, spoke to the Danish newspaper Berlingske about what he believes will soon be permanent changes to the beef industry, describing beef as “not super climate friendly.” He claims that, in the future, beef “will be a bit like champagne, namely a luxury product,” that people will only eat “when we need to pamper ourselves…”

His company is one of over 1,000 companies worldwide that have pledged to implement new regulations on their own production in order to combat “global warming,” working in conjunction with a left-wing nonprofit called Science Based Targets. Among these companies is the international fast food giant McDonalds, which announced last week that it will be aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by the year 2050. Read more…

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