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Chase Bank to Close Conservative Accounts?

Over the weekend a stunning image made the rounds online. The photo showed a letter from Chase Bank to Lori Flynn, the wife of Gen. Michael Flynn, informing her that her credit cards were being canceled due to the “reputational risk” she created for the company.

Some on the left initially suggested the letter might be a hoax, before concluding that Chase’s decision was legitimate and something to celebrate.

On Tuesday Chase confirmed that the cancellation was real and aimed at Flynn’s wife, Lori. The company then tried to walk back the cancellation, claiming that it was all “mistake.” If there was any “mistake” in targeting Flynn’s family, it was in misjudging the PR backlash that would ensue from such an egregious display of political persecution.

Chase’s “mistaken” letter to General Flynn’s wife wasn’t the first time an organization has used “reputational risk” as a pretext for political censorship. In fact, weaponizing claims of “reputational risk” has become a favored tactic for the institutional left to deny its enemies the right to organize or even live normal day-to-day lives. Read more…

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