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Check Out the Massive Military Blockade on US Side of Rio Grande

Military and state police have surged into the city in the past 24 hours and formed a line along the banks of the Rio Grande as a show of force hours ahead of when pandemic policy Title 42 could end and lead to increased migration over the border.

Texas National Guard soldiers and military vehicles, along with Department of Public Safety officers, arrived in El Paso Monday and were on guard on the south side of downtown by evening, a federal law enforcement agent revealed to the Washington Examiner Tuesday.

Several hundred soldiers have been sent in, according to an unconfirmed Fox News report. Gov. Greg Abbott, DPS, and the Texas Military Department did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The backup state forces fill in where Border Patrol agents have largely been pulled from standing on patrol. Agents have been taken out of the field to transport, process, and care for the thousands in detention each day. Read more…

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