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Check Out What Shadowy Group VP Harris Attends Meeting With

Vice President Kamala Harris has been photographed at a convention for a shadowy leftist group with ties to billionaire financier and well-known progressive donor George Soros.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that the Twitter account for the union Call Center Workers United posted two photographs of the vice president speaking at a meeting hosted by Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C. called “Powering Up for Democracy.”

The Fox News report describes Democracy Alliance as a secretive group of wealthy Democratic donors who meet twice a year to lay out their agenda at events frequented by prominent left-wing politicians. One of the largest donors to the group is George Soros.

Soros is well-known around the world for his radical left-wing beliefs. In July, he used Independence Day as an occasion to talk about the “threat” to democracy posed by Donald Trump, Republicans and conservative Supreme Court Justices. Read more…

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