Chelsea Clinton: ‘We Have 3 Years’ to Save World from Global Warming

Aaaaah! Quick, run for cover!

Chelsea ‘Chicken Little’ Clinton has joined in on the global hot air madness this week with a very important tweet warning that “experts say we have 3 years to get climate change under control.”

Conveniently that will be around the time when her mother decides to run for president again, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

But seriously…

What’s even more entertaining is that fellow lefty Elon Musk tweeted his own warning this week as well…about the coming global population implosion.

That’s right: liberals apparently believe both that the human population is dropping at catastrophic levels and that those humans are creating ever more hot air.

The conclusion? The world may melt beginning in 2020. Or not so much.

Moving right along.

Here’s more from American Mirror…

Chelsea Clinton claims the world has only three years to save itself from global warming — which, conveniently, would be the same year her mother could again run for president.

Clinton took to Twitter to share an ominous story about the supposed effects of “climate change”:

“These experts say we have three years to get climate change under control. And they’re the optimists,” she wrote.

Clinton linked to a Washington Post article claiming:

A group of prominent scientists, policymakers, and corporate leaders released a statement Wednesday warning that if the world doesn’t set greenhouse gas emissions on a downward path by 2020, it could become impossible to contain climate change within safe limits.

The group, led by Christiana Figueres, who oversaw the United Nations negotiations that produced the Paris climate agreement, base their case on simple math. The world, they calculate, probably has a maximum of 600 billion remaining tons of carbon dioxide that can be emitted if we want a good chance of holding the rise in planetary temperatures within the Paris limit of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius (2.7 to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

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