Chicago Police Retire in Droves, Protest

Help Wanted: Do you want to work nights, weekends, and holidays? Do you want to freeze your posterior off in the winter and roast alive in the summer? How about working 12-hour shifts for days and weeks on end?

Are you interested? Wait, there’s more! Have you always wanted a job where your days off and vacations are canceled with little notice, leaving you holding the bag for airline and cruise tickets that can’t be refunded? How about being moved from one area of the city to another with even less notice? Would you be pleased with working for four years without a contract?

Where do I sign up, you ask. But there’s still more! Do you want to make split-second decisions at the risk of life and limb, only to have those decisions endlessly second-guessed by incompetent supervisors and dimwitted politicians? Do you want to live in a city rotting under the effects of out-of-control crime, and while living there (because you have to) be blamed for the crime by those same incompetent supervisors and dimwitted politicians?

If all of that sounds appealing, then step right up for a position with the Chicago Police Department! Read more…

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