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Child Groomers Accuse Parents of “White Supremacism”

A sex education advocate said parents opposed to the presence of “sex books” in their children’s schools are often part of “organized white supremacist groups” in a mid March webinar titled “The P Word: Porn Literacy and Sex Education.”

Self-described “sex educator” and author Cory Silverberg said parents who are responsible for “attacks on teachers and librarians” and advocacy for “book banning” are not “regular, everyday people” on the panel.

Silverberg also expressed doubt many opposed to “sex books” in school are, in fact, parents. “Actually, a lot of it is organized white supremacist groups,” Silverberg said.

The panel was organized by the “Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States” (SIECUS), which works to advance “progressive sex ed policy across the United States,” according to the panel video description,” according to the panel description. Read more…

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