Child Sex Abuse Survivors Speak Out Against Twitter

The child sex abuse lawsuit against Twitter has gained a plaintiff, after another young man has come forward. Twitter has been knowingly profiting from the distribution of predatory content on their platform, but that isn’t the most disturbing detail. What’s most strange is that Twitter was approached about this content before the lawsuit, and refused to act on it in spite of the obvious violations of their terms of service. Money is being made every time content is viewed, and this holds the key to why this lawsuit has to move forward, and why Twitter is playing innocent as children are abused.

A second plaintiff has joined a federal lawsuit against Twitter, alleging that the social media giant knowingly refused to remove images of his sexual abuse as a child. John Doe #2 has joined the lawsuit, which as National File reported, was filed in January by John Doe #1, who when he was between 13 and 14, had sexual images and videos of him widely distributed on Twitter. John Doe #2 was also included in the images.

“Both plaintiffs were harmed by Twitter’s distribution of material depicting their sexual abuse and trafficking, and by Twitter’s knowing refusal to remove the images of their sexual abuse (child pornography) when notified by John Doe #1 and his parents,” the plaintiffs’ legal team wrote. Sex traffickers posing as a 16-year-old female classmate blackmailed him to share nude content, as National File reported…

“Twitter has profited from the knowing distribution of child sexual abuse material depicting these two young men when they were children, and it must be held accountable,” said Peter Gentala, senior legal counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center, who is suing Twitter on behalf of the boys, now aged around 17, along with the Haba Law Firm. “Twitter cannot sweep under the rug the fact that it both allowed child sexual abuse material on its site and refused to remove it,” Gentala added.

“These two young men have suffered severe anguish and trauma at the hands of Twitter,” said Lisa Haba, a partner at the Haba Law Firm. “Twitter had everything it needed to do the right thing and prioritize the safety and privacy of these children before its own profits. Our lawsuit seeks to hold Twitter accountable for knowingly profiting from the sexual abuse and trafficking of children and the re-victimization of these two boys.” Read more…

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