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Children’s Hospital Issues Kids Trans Mutilation “Advice”

A children’s hospital in Oregon has been advising young boys on how to “tuck” their genitals in order to appear “smoother and flatter” and directing girls on “chest binding” to inhibit breast growth as part of instructions from its “gender services” team aimed at children confused about their sex.

The Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, “Oregon’s top ranked children’s hospital” according to the clinic’s website, has a dedicated “gender clinic” with so-called “puberty specialists” on hand to “offer a full range of services for transgender and gender-nonconforming children and teens.”

Part of the “services” offered to children deemed “trans” or “gender-nonconforming” include “hormone therapy” using puberty blocking medication and instructions on “safe tucking” and “chest binding” for children, all administered in a “welcoming and gender-affirming environment,” the hospital states.

In addition, the gender clinic purports to offer “family support from a psychologist, psychiatrist, and social worker” regarding the child’s “gender transitioning” process. Read more…

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