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China Cancels Sissy Celebs While America Goes Woke

America’s discredited ‘expert’ class has long claimed that economic growth and Western-style democratization go hand-in-hand. China’s ascent to industrial superpower decisively refutes that self-serving narrative.

Over the last few weeks, China has shown that it isn’t just charting an alternative course on economics and governance. China is also attempting an entirely new approach to modernization itself. Even if this approach fails, the choices China makes say important things about the decay of American liberal democracy.

The People’s Republic is launching what, at least superficially, looks like one of the most ambitious social-engineering efforts ever undertaken in a developed country.

The decrees have come in a vast wave over the past couple weeks. In the last days of August, China announced that, from now on, schoolchildren are banned from playing video games, except for three hours on the weekend. Read more…

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