Cigna Says: Forget Jim Crow; It’s Time for Jim Snow

The HR people aren’t just a nuisance anymore. Leftist indoctrination has been stewing in business schools, and is now creeping into the overall business sector. Years of crowing about “white privilege” have yielded their fruit, and well-qualified Americans are now increasingly subject to what could best be described as “Jim Snow:” being turned down for needed work due to their “toxicity” and “whiteness,” and mistreated on the job. Investigators have exposed Cigna health as one of the worst offenders in this new system, and today we’re going to show you what they’ve discovered.

Cigna has reportedly been telling its white employees to check their “privilege” and stop using terms like “wife” or “husband,” which is considered “racist.” Cigna also tries to hire anyone other than white men whenever possible.

“Given the hiring practices they have in place where white, male candidates are blocked, regardless of qualifications, I have to say, ‘Yes, there’s obvious discrimination at this company,’” an anonymous employee told The Washington Examiner.

Chat logs examined by the Examiner prove these claims to be true, revealing that a hiring manager explicitly rejected a candidate with strong credentials who had performed well in an interview because the hiring manager mistakenly believed the candidate was white.

After learning that the candidate was technically non-white, the hiring manager, a female, suddenly got excited about hiring him, despite knowing next to nothing besides the hue of his skin.

Another employee had instead suggested a candidate with many years of experience, but the hiring manager refused because he was a white man, and thus could not be interviewed for failing to meet the Cigna’s “diversity” requirements. Read more…

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