Circuit Court Uphold Texas Ban on Sanctuary Cities

The 5th Circuit Court announced a major decision this week to allow the Texas ban on sanctuary cities to stand while the state continues its fight through federal courts.

Opponents sued Gov. Greg Abbott for a stay on the law arguing it’s unconstitutional.

Which is a curious argument that boils down to this: enforcing federal law is in violation of the Constitution.

But for some reason the federal law itself isn’t unconstitutional?

How does that work, pray tell? This is good news for other states looking to Texas as a precedent for similar laws to crack down on the epidemic of illegal immigration.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Here’s more from Redstate…

It’s official. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled in a 3-0 vote that states may punish cities that harbor illegal immigrants, as well as force local law enforcement to turn over any illegal immigrants to ICE for deportation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted about the court’s ruling on Tuesday, stating that the “law is in effect.”

According to the Washington Times, the law also allows punishment for local political officials and law enforcement leaders who carry out pro-sanctuary city policies.

Sanctuary city advocates argued that such a law would breach the 4th Amendment rights of illegal immigrants. Judge Edith H. Jones, however, wrote in the court’s opinion that it’s not exactly clear if non-citizens enjoy the same rights as citizens.

For one, it’s odd that it’s suggested by illegal immigrant advocates that they should enjoy the same rights legal citizens do. They are citizens of another country, and thus don’t qualify for all the benefits and rights extended to Americans. Stepping foot on our soil should not reward the individual with all the good stuff America offers its citizens, especially when that person doesn’t have to pay taxes.

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