Civil War: German City Bans Migrants From Moving In

Germany could soon be on the brink of civil war as it continues to lead the European Union in the number of refugees being taken in from Syria and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the uptick in violence at the hands of radicalized migrants is pushing the German people to the brink of revolution.

Finally, one town has openly defied the Merkel government and banned new migrants from entering.

The national government ultimately acquiesced to the local council in Salzgitter, in Lower Saxony, recognizing that the proverbial water in Germany is about to boil over.

Two other cities are making similar moves in what could quickly become a domino-effect across Europe.

If it becomes bigger news around the globe, liberals in the US will find it an uphill battle opposing President Trump’s similar sentiments.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

A German city will no longer allow refugees to settle there as it feels overwhelmed with the “exceptionally high immigration” in recent years.

Salzgitter in the state of Lower Saxony is home to 106,000 people and a few thousand migrants. The city was granted permission to ban refugees from settling there Thursday by the state’s interior ministry. Authorities cited “reasons of integration” in its decision.

“This is an exceptional measure aimed at preventing the social and societal exclusion of immigrant refugees,” the decree reads, according to The Local.

The town’s mayor said 5,800 migrants live in the community, with a majority arriving over the past year.

“At the moment we are overwhelmed,” Frank Klingebiel told Focus Online in an interview published Friday.

The ban is not a meant to make refugees feel unwelcome, but rather give the existing refugee population a chance to integrate, according to Klingebiel.

“We urgently need a pause to integrate the refugees already living in Salzgitter in the long term and to secure the social peace,” Klingebiel said.

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