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Clearing Up the Fog of War in Ukraine

Was the US illegally developing bio-weapons in the now confirmed labs that exist on Russia’s border with Ukraine?

…On the 24th February 2022, the very day of Russia’s invasion, some of us were already worried about the prospect of biological weapons laboratories existing in Ukraine. My below warning, citing my words from the 26th January 2022 on the Joe Rogan show, highlighted that such actions would push Russia further into China’s arms.

The existence of bio-weapons labs on Ukraine’s border with Russia has since been confirmed by both Russia and the US (I say both because the Ukrainian government is essentially serving as a US proxy). The only remaining question is around what we were doing in those laboratories.

It is no longer in doubt that we funded bio-weapons research in the Wuhan lab in China, from where it is now believed that Covid most likely leaked from. Read more…

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