‘Clinton News Network’ Shows Hillary Below 270 in Election Map

CNN is notorious for slanting the news in favor of its predominantly liberal audience, but in recent days they may actually be admitting to the unwanted political reality that Trump has a shot to win.

In a recent election coverage broadcast, news anchors showed Hillary’s projections below the 270 electoral votes needed to pull off a win.

Here’s more from The Hill:

Hillary Clinton has dropped below 270 electoral votes in CNN’s electoral map when adding up the states that are either solidly Democratic or leaning in her direction.

The projection gives Clinton 268 electoral votes when using this measure, according to the latest snapshot of CNN’s “Road to 270” map.

Donald Trump has 204 electoral votes when combining the states either solidly Republican or leaning in his direction.

The six remaining battleground contests are Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and the 2nd congressional district in and around Omaha, Neb.


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