Clinton Tour Prices Plummet

Tickets for the Bill and Hillary Clinton road show across the U.S. and Canada are unsurprisingly NOT in high demand with ticket prices plummeting to as low as $7. While those may be nosebleed seats – some are still priced at $1,062 – it’s worth comparing with how the tour tickets to hear former first lady Michelle Obama priced at $300-$2,500 are selling. The conclusion is clear that Hillary isn’t in much demand anymore. That ought to put a damper on any 2020 thoughts of grandeur.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Ticket prices to see former President Bill Clinton and Hillary speak have gone as low as $7 in some locations– and the seats are still empty.
Former President Bill Clinton and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been touring the U.S. and Canada for months, with dates stretching into mid-2019. Unfortunately for the Clintons, people seem to be quickly losing interest in entertaining their nostalgia and opinions on the current state of the nation.

Tickets currently range from $7 to $1,062, depending on the seating quality. Scalpers are trying to get as much as $500 for a ticket, but considering the ticket sales even at a discount, it may be a risky wager to find someone desperate enough to pay who is simultaneously unaware of how cheap the tickets are going for.

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