CNN Busted for Stalking Trump, Ignoring Legit News

We know you’ll be beside yourself to learn CNN has been stalking President Trump.

Not at the White House.

Not on foreign trips.

Nay, at his golf course.

Because, you know, a president’s golf score is super-really important news.

But when Trump caught wind of their position, a white box truck mysteriously appeared along the curb to block CNN’s view.

And naturally the network was livid.

In the ensuing days, network talking heads devoted…wait for it…23 separate segments on how they were hunting down the culprit.

Not a word the protests in Iran.

Nary a peep about Obama enabling Hezbollah.

ISIS losing in Iraq? Nah.

Without Trump in the Oval Office, CNN would have nothing to talk about.

Here’s more from BizPacReview…

CNN finally got to the bottom of the Scooby Doo mystery of whose white truck blocked them from reporting on Trump golfing at Mar-a-Lago over the Christmas break.

Did Trump use a nine-iron or wedge? Did the president fudge on his scorecard or play it straight? How about that last putt – did he nudge the ball towards the hole with his foot or hit it clean?

The world will never know.

One thing CNN does know, after reporting on it at least 23 times in the past week (while conveniently forgetting negative stories like Obama’s Iranian wheeling-and-dealing) is whose white truck blocked them from getting their money shot.

Behold the heavy mouth breathing:

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