CNN’s Continues Airport Monopoly As It Veers Left

A quick run through any US airport will yield an observation familiar to any frequent traveler: the ubiquity of CNN on televisions throughout.

Is it just that airport executives all happen to be leftists or is something else going on?

The answer is very simple: CNN is paying huge chunks of cash to airports to get exclusive rights to play their increasingly leftist drivel in the terminals of the land.

So, because of the power of the big media dollar, 300 million travelers are subjected to CNN’s anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-conservative agenda with no choice at all except to try and tune it all out.

Good luck with that.

Here’s more from Fox News…

CNN’s ubiquitous presence in airports — where it broadcasts from thousands of screens to a captive audience of millions — is facing new scrutiny after the cable network’s hard left turn.

The CNN Airport network dates back to when CNN was known for straightforward news programming — and has been a fixture at airports since before competitors MSNBC and Fox News even existed. But critics are now asking if busy travelers should be subjected to CNN’s increasingly ideological programming — at gates, bars, food courts and baggage claims — which can include on-screen chyrons or subtitles that gleefully mock President Trump. Many travelers have even taken to Twitter and started online petitions to urge airports to change the channel.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that CNN has become more partisan than MSNBC since Trump moved into the White House and travelers should have the option of not watching the network.

“How are airports justifying the idea of bombarding captive viewers with content many of them oppose? Sadly, almost any outlet is fairer now than CNN,” Gainor said.

But CNN isn’t actually forced on travelers because airports are looking to disseminate liberal doctrine. It’s forced on travelers because of money.

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