Collusion: Demoted DOJ Official Gets Demoted Again

Recall back in December the name Bruce Ohr, among the spate of DOJ and FBI officials exposed for apparent collusion against Trump in the run-up to the election.

Ohr was previously serving as Associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ before it was discovered he had met with the principal of Fusion GPS (for which his wife worked), the firm hired by the DNC to create the infamous Russia dossier (in concert with the FBI and Hillary campaign).

Now it’s been revealed that Ohr was demoted a second time, ultimately relegating him to some nondescript office ‘with no phone’.

It turns out Ohr also played an integral role in Project Cassandra which was the FBI’s sting operation to stop Hezbollah, mysteriously killed by the Obama administration to appease Iran.

The names Ohr, Strzok, Rosenstein, and McCabe (among others) ought to be burned in our memories by now.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Early in December, the Department of Justice was suddenly demoted. The man was Bruce Ohr and he was dual-hatted. He was associate deputy attorney general–which means he reported directly to Rod Rosenstein–and at the same time he was head of Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF). Keep that latter position in mind for later. (As an aside, if you want to know the hierarchy of positions in a federal agency, read this.)

We don’t know why he was fired but it was revealed that shortly after the 2016 election that Ohr met with Glenn Simpson, one of the principals of Fusion GPS, too discuss the Trump dossier. His wife, coincidentally, a Russia specialist and one-time think-tank employee who worked on at least one CIA project, was employed by Fusion GPS while the Trump dossier was being assembled. This is, of course, the same Trump dossier that is played ZERO role in a special counsel being appointed. Ohr was demoted from his associate deputy attorney general billet and went back to head the OCDETF full time.

Now he’s no longer doing that.

Now, Ohr has been stripped of that role as well; former deputy director Thomas Padden is now acting director. It is unclear where Ohr has landed, only that he is still an employee with the Department of Justice.

One DOJ insider joked that Ohr might end up in “one of those offices without a phone.”

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