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Colorado Lawmakers Shelve ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Bill

Lawmakers in the Colorado House of Representatives voted early on Thursday morning to shelf a bill that prohibits people from buying and selling “assault weapons” in the state.

The bill, HB23-1230, was brought by Denver Democratic Rep. Elisabeth Epps.

The bill defined assault weapons as semi-automatic rifles that can be made to accept a detachable magazine and has any number of additional features, including a pistol grip, a collapsible stock, flash suppressor, threaded barrel, functional grenade launcher or a barrel shroud “allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned.”

The bill also bans semiautomatic pistols that can accept detachable magazines and has any of the aforementioned features or that exceed a weight of 50 ounces when unloaded or a buffer tube or other part that protrudes behind the pistol grip. Shotguns with revolving cylinders or a semiautomatic shotgun that has a pistol grip, collapsable stock or the ability to accept a detachable magazine are also included in the list of banned weapons, along with .50 caliber rifles. Read more…

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