Congress Repeals Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban

The mission to undo the Obama legacy is well underway with less than a month under Trump’s belt.

First among the list of to-dos was restore Second Amendment protections, and Congress just gave rights back to the elderly who were stripped of gun rights by Obama for merely accepting social security benefits.

Here’s more from Fox News:

The Republican-controlled House on Thursday took its first steps toward strengthening gun ownership under President Donald Trump, moving to scrap a requirement for background checks for disabled Social Security recipients mentally incapable of managing their own affairs.

The regulation, issued in the final months of President Barack Obama’s term, is one of a handful congressional Republicans are rolling back, knowing they habe a new ally in the White House. The Senate is poised to scuttle an Obama rule preventing coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams.

“In my home state of Kentucky and others across the nation, the Stream Buffer Rule will cause major damage to communities and threaten coal jobs,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

The House passed the gun resolution on Wednesday and Senate approval on Thursday will send the measure to Trump for his signature.

Obama’s background check rule required the Social Security Administration to forward to the Justice Department the names of certain disabled beneficiaries for a database of individuals ineligible to purchase a firearm. The rule affects an estimated 75,000 beneficiaries who require a representative to manage their benefits because of a disabling mental disorder.

Republican lawmakers criticized the regulation for reinforcing a negative stereotype that people with a mental disorder are dangerous.

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