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Courage: Lone Dem Endorses Border Security

Former Democratic lawmaker and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has slammed the Biden regime for its catastrophic handling of the ongoing crisis along the US-Mexico border, calling on the administration to immediately reinstate Trump’s effective border policies.

Gabbard, a left-wing populist who Hillary Clinton attempted to smear as a “Russian asset” during the 2016 presidential primaries, took to Twitter to express her deep discontent with the Biden regime’s mismanagement of the United States’ southern border, which prominent figures like Tucker Carlson insist is being mishandled on purpose to accelerate the demographic shift of the country.

“The Biden/Harris open-door policy has been a disaster,” the former lawmaker from Hawaii wrote. “It needs to end now. The main beneficiaries of open borders are gangs, cartels, and human traffickers. The Trump policy of having people wait on the other side of the border worked and needs to be reinstated.” Read more…

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