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CPS Now Seizing Kids Over Ivermectin Treatments

‘This is still an open case,’ former New Hampshire Rep. JR Hoell told LifeSite, adding ‘the state has not stopped pursuing the attempt to take my children.’

A former state representative and co-founder of an organization dedicated to the reversal of crippling COVID-19 measures is fighting against the state to retain custody of his own children after he gave them a benign FDA-approved drug to treat symptoms of COVID-19.

Joseph (JR) Hoell, a Christian homeschooling father of four and “conservative firebrand” who served four terms as a New Hampshire state legislator from 2010 through 2018, has spent the past several weeks fighting a harrowing legal battle after state officials threatened to take away his children when it became known he treated their COVID-19 symptoms with the safe antiparasitic drug ivermectin. Read more…

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