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Criminal: Pentagon Begins the “Patriot Purge”

The Pentagon has issued a ban on the dissemination of all “extremist” materials from military personnel, in a directive that will inevitably be used to purge more patriots from their ranks.

According to their new policies, any “posting, liking, sharing, re-tweeting, or otherwise distributing content” believed to be “extremist” will be considered “active participation” in an “extremist” activity.

The new rules also prohibit “knowingly displaying paraphernalia, words, or symbols in support of extremist activities or in support of groups or organizations that support extremist activities, such as flags, clothing, tattoos, and bumper stickers, whether on or off a military installation.”

Pentagon brass is being deliberately vague in how they define these “extremist” materials. The ban certainly will not be used to restrict critical race theory or pro-LGBT messages, which is now the official dogma of the ruling class. Read more…

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