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Cuomo Job Approval Down To 38%; Plurality Want Resignation

Don't Let the Door Hit You...

Isn’t it amazing what a little media accountability can do? Suddenly, Andrew Cuomo’s job approval has finally begun to catch up to his job performance. A new poll from Emerson shows the embattled Love Gov ten points underwater on approval at 38/48, and opposition to re-election now at 64% among New York voters.

His strongest support comes from a surprising source — and one that might quickly dissipate in one of Cuomo’s two scandals:

His approval is lowest among those 18-34 (22% approval) and those who are white (26% approval) and highest among Black/African-Americans (62% approval) and those living in NYC (53% approval). Women approve of Cuomo at a higher rate (43% approval/40% disapproval) than men (56% disapproval to 33% approval). Read more…

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