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Dana White Slams Covid Fanatics, Defends Joe Rogan

UFC President Dana White is defending podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan against attacks from the political and medical establishment, which are demanding his cancellation.

After a recent event, White addressed the controversy and refused to back down. He defended Rogan’s right of free speech and noted how monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin are being restricted by the political and medical establishment that wants Rogan’s head on a platter.

“You know what’s scary? I bet I could get some pain pills quicker than I could get monoclonal antibodies,” White said while addressing reporters at a press conference.

“Ever since I came out and said what I did, it’s almost impossible to get monoclonal antibodies. They’re making it so you can’t get them. Medicine that absolutely works, they’re keeping from us,” he continued. Read more…

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