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Dang: RINO Traitor Gets Owned on Camera

Mexican-born Republican congressman Mayra Flores ran away from a man named Nick Taurus who tried to question Flores about her vote for amnesty in the recent defense spending bill. Taurus, an America Firster, wanted to know why Mayra Flores voted to hand out amnesty to the fully grown adult offspring of corporate visa-holding foreigners. Some people call these offspring “documented dreamers,” but they are nevertheless demographically replacing native-born Americans in service of a multicultural corporatist state, same as illegal migrants. Flores literally ran away from Taurus for a moment before settling into a rapid hurried walk to avoid his journalism.

…Mayra Flores is just the latest in a long line of grifters trying to fool Fox News conservatives while actively working to destroy the children and grandchildren of her conservative fans. Read more…

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