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Data: Covid Vaccines More Dangerous for Kids Than Covid

‘If you love your children, you do not allow them to be experiments.’ In a nutshell, this is the essential drive behind the movement against COVID injections for children…

With a risk of death so close to zero, should parents be gambling with an injection that has already been documented to result in physical harm to children, and as many as 58 life-threatening adverse events even before EUA approval? An injection that is, by its nature as EUA use alone, experimental?

When the FDA and CDC approved COVID jabs for emergency use in young children ages six months to four years old, they took in stride — you could say, ignored — the “245 US reports” to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for children of this age who were injected “off label” or exposed “via breastmilk” to a COVID mRNA shot, according to the FDA’s briefing document. Because these shots were off-label, we do not know the total number of children injected/exposed and so cannot know the proportion of children who suffered adverse reactions.

In addition, before CDC approval, at least 58 infants under age three suffered life-threatening adverse events after receiving the mRNA injections, including cardiac arrest in a two-month-old baby boy, and an anaphylactic reaction, respiratory failure, pneumonia and more in a baby girl who was marked as not recovered. Read more…

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