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Data Shows Dem Jailbreakers Are Spiking Crime

More than two years ago, the new bail reform law in New York went into effect and the results have been obvious to pretty much everyone who lives in the Big Apple. The law was ostensibly designed to “combat racism” and focus on “rehabilitation over incarceration.” The law’s proponents claimed that most criminals are simply misunderstood and lacking in opportunities. Given the proper motivation and a chance at a fresh start, most of them would happily take up nine-to-five jobs and turn their backs on gang activity and lives of crime. But the latest NYPD crime statistics report shows us how that actually worked out. The law basically alerted criminals that the door to the candy store was unlocked and they were free to ramp up their criminal business model with abandon. Recidivism rates in Gotham are as much as three times greater for some categories of crime than they were before the law took effect. Even worse, those who were previously convicted of a misdemeanor are now far more likely to up their game and be charged with a felony. And the police are long past the point of being sick and tired of it all. Read more…

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