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Debunking the Media’s Favorite Lie

On Sunday, police officers responded to a confrontation between five people of Hispanic descent that escalated into a shootout that left two dead and three wounded at a crowded Texas flea market. In California, on the same day, a 68-year-old Asian man walked into a church and opened fire, killing one person and wounding five others.

You probably didn’t hear about either of these mass shootings because the suspects’ identities don’t fit the liberal establishment’s preferred profile: a white male with vaguely right-wing characteristics…

“The normalization of racist politics is literally killing people in this country,” tweeted Ben Rhodes, a former advisor to President Barack Obama. Andrew Lawrence, a senior researcher at Media Matters, blamed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for Gendron’s actions and called for him to be taken off the air. Writing in Rolling Stone, Talia Lavin argued that Gendron was not a lone wolf killer but representative of the Republican Party “mainstream.”

The problem with all this, however, is that liberals actually agree with Gendron on demographic change.

In 2009, Rhodes’ boss was the subject of a cover article in The Atlantic titled, “The End of White America?”, which suggested that “the end of white America is a cultural and demographic inevitability.” Politico published a story in 2013 about how the Democratic Party views the demographics of immigration and the politics of amnesty as an avenue for electoral victories and to “cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.” Two years later, then-Vice President Joe Biden said that it was “a source of our strength” that immigration would reduce Americans of “white European stock” to a minority. Read more…

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