Deep State Leak Factory at State Dept

A concerted, strategic strategy in character assassination of President Trump’s political appointees has been unearthed at the State Department. The essential strategy was for high-ranking Obama administration holdovers and career employees to gather anti-Trump civil servants around the lunch table for a power hour of “complaints.” They would then “leak” the unfavorable and anonymous opinions [read: lies] to key publications, such as Foreign Policy, for broad circulation. In one instance, it triggered a full congressional investigation launched by concerned top Democrats in the Senate, but unsurprisingly some employees felt railroaded into the lunches, and the plot writ large may see complaints of its own.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

It was mid-May, about six weeks after Trump appointee Mari Stull began her new job as senior adviser at the State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs.
As senior adviser at the bureau, Stull was in charge of making sure President Trump’s agenda was represented at the many international organizations the U.S. participates in and mostly funds, such as the United Nations and its various agencies.

Stull and her boss, Amb. Kevin Moley, had just left for a trip to Geneva for the World Health Assembly. Back at the State Department, Erin Barclay, a senior career diplomat at the IO bureau, invited more than ten civil servants within the bureau to a lunch meeting.

At the meeting, Molly Phee, another senior career diplomat, went around the table and asked each civil servant for complaints about Stull and took notes. Another senior career diplomat in the IO bureau, Nerissa Cook, was also there.

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