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Deep Staters Demand More Funding to Shady Mercenaries

From Asia Times:

These ways include containing – and mastering – conflict at the tactical level; deploying local and/or proxy forces with maximal efficiencies; and transitioning conflict from conventional battlegrounds into the hybrid space.

One such thinker is Prince – perhaps the most aggressive advocate of private sector militaries in the Western hemisphere. Not coincidentally, he is also an outspoken critic of the Pentagon’s conventional warfighting, processes and policies.

Those policies – of prioritizing US forces and tactics over local forces and tactics; of big-war, conventional-unit primacy; and of dollar overspend and related bureaucratic bloat – have led to military defeats and foreign policy disasters for Washington, ranging from South Vietnam, to Somalia to Afghanistan…

In sum, Prince would have preferred that the CIA had taken the lead in the Afghan conflict, rather than the US Armed Forces – largely due to their ability to hire and deploy private-sector and local assets. Read more…

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