Dem Rep. Conyers Steps Down, Pelosi Blames Trump

Nancy Pelosi’s strange, inexplicable, mind-numbing pronouncements continue apace as Democrats insist on letting her lead the congressional zombie caucus.

Yesterday morning, Pelosi was for accused Rep. John Conyers just before she was against him later in the morning.

The great awakening came for San Fran Nan when Conyers announced he was stepping down from his position as ranking minority member on the House Judiciary Committee amid multiple allegations of harassment and lewd behavior at the US Capitol.

But hark! Nancy is here to save the day because — wait for it — it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

You see, all of this craziness began with Harvey Weinstein.

But wouldn’t you know it, Harvey’s problem is really Trump’s since “the election of President Trump evoked what happened to Harvey.”

No kidding. She actually uttered those words.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Representative John Conyers, who has paid a settlement from your tax dollars to someone who accused him of sexual harassment, has announced that he is stepping down from his position as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee:

Nancy Pelosi, who only this morning expressed support for Conyers…

Of the many strange and often ignorant things Nancy Pelosi said on Meet The Press today while protecting her hyper-partisanship and in defense of Representative John Conyers, arguably the most peculiar was her attack on President Trump. She added a new victim to her growing list of people she believes should blame the President for their woes: Harvey Weinstein.

“Harvey [Weinstein] didn’t evoke this. The election of President Trump evoked what happened to Harvey and now everybody is served notice,” Pelosi accused.

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