Dementia: Maxine Waters Claims She Has Never Called for Trump’s Impeachment

Mad Maxine Waters appeared on the Democrat Channel — aka MSNBC — to make the most outlandish fake-news claim to-date: that she never called for President Trump’s impeachment.

Well, of course not, except for last Saturday; and then two weeks prior to that; and also just days after the inauguration was completed.

But aside from those instances, Waters never, ever called for his impeachment.

She’s completely off her rocker, folks.

And she’s the spokeswoman for Democrat contempt of the White House.

Here’s more from Need to Know Network…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) falsely claimed that she has never called for President Trump to be impeached during an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday.

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asked Waters to name what impeachable offenses Trump has committed, after Waters hadtweeted earlier in the day, “The President is a liar, his actions are contemptible, & I’m going to fight everyday until he’s impeached.”

Waters could not name an impeachable offense that President Trump has committed. Instead, Waters discussed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

Melvin asked Waters if it would be better for her to wait to call for Trump’s impeachment until all the facts are known.

“I have not called for impeachment,” Waters told Melvin.

Melvin pointed out to Waters that is exactly what she has done with her tweet.

There is also a long list of examples of Waters calling for President Trump to be impeached.

As recently as Saturday, Waters told a crowd in Washington, D.C., “I don’t respect this president. I don’t trust this president. He’s not working in the best interests of the American people … I will fight every day until he is impeached.”

In March, Waters tweeted: “Get ready for impeachment.”

“I hope [Trump’s] not there for four years. I hope that this man and who he is, the way that he has defined himself, the way that he is acting — I am hoping that we are able to reveal all of this. And my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment,” Waters said during an interview in February.

It’s blatantly false for Waters to claim that she has never called for President Trump to be impeached, as the mountain of evidence shows.

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