Democrats’ Assault Stalls Vote on Jeff Sessions

Senate Democrats executed their plan to attempt to shut down the nomination of their colleague Sen. Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General in what may prove to be a plan of prolonged obfuscation.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

Senate Democrats renewed an assault on Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, questioning his independence after the president fired the acting attorney general for refusing to enforce his executive order on immigration.

Invoking procedural rules, Democrats succeeded in delaying Judiciary Committee action on the Sessions nomination until Wednesday after intense exchanges with Republicans at a hearing Tuesday. His loyalty to Trump was a top target during debate by the panel, which is expected to vote on party lines to recommend his confirmation by the full Senate.

“It is very difficult to reconcile, for me, the independence and objectivity necessary to be attorney general with the partisanship” Sessions has represented, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said. “Will he support and defend these broad and disruptive executive orders? Will he carry out and enforce the president’s actions that may very well violate the Constitution?”

“It’s not difficult to assess that he will,” Feinstein said.

Anger over the executive order emboldened Democrats to rebel on other Trump nominations Tuesday as well. They forced a delay of scheduled committee votes on the nominations of Steven Mnuchin to run the Treasury and Representative Tom Price to head Health and Human Services by staging a boycott.

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