Democrats Lose It Over New Census Citizenship Question

Democrats are losing their minds over the Trump administration’s announcement that the next U.S. census will add a question about the respondent’s citizenship status.

The question was removed from the census a few decades ago and now will appear again.

Tom Perez, Chairman of the DNC, is out with typical hysteria that somehow non-citizens won’t be counted.

But some simple logic might be useful.

Regardless whether you’re a U.S. citizen and check that box, anyone who fills out the census form is counted.

That’s the entire point.

The federal government needs to know and has a constitutional mandate to know who’s here, both citizen and non-citizen.

But for some reason, the left thinks that’s racist and political. Go figure.

Here’s more from Redstate…

“The census is not a political tool for hyper-partisan activity” said DNC chairman Tom Perez while arguing for doing that exact thing this week.

Perez and other Democrats are fired up because the Trump administration wants to add the question of U.S. citizenship to the census survey, thereby taking an accurate count of how many American citizens there are. You are probably surprised they don’t ask that already, considering how obvious the question.

But more surprising – or rather not at all surprising – is the insanely over the top response from top Dems on the idea of asking the question. Chairman Perez says this is “voter suppression.” Sens. Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris said it would “undermine the accuracy of the Census as a whole.”

Here, watch Perez take it to eleven:

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