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Democrats on Challenging DeSantis: ‘Forget About It.’

The national Democratic Party governor’s association is planning on refocusing resources away from a challenge to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2022, fearing the conservative governor to be unstoppable, according to reporting from Politico published over the weekend.

Two Democratic Party insiders have been cited admitting the Democratic Governors’ Association has “deprioritized” Florida political efforts, instead diverting funding to vulnerable Democratic governors and candidates who will face a punishing electoral atmosphere in 2022.

Career politician and perennial candidate Charlie Crist has already announced a challenge to DeSantis. Electoral trends showing the Atlantic state to be increasingly Republican, even as other southern states bow before the Democratic Party, have endured in several recent federal elections, with political observers increasingly recognizing the once-purple Florida as a solidly red state. DeSantis holds $60 million in cash for political campaign spending, a sum that potentially could be used for a federal campaign as well as a state reelection bid. Read more…

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