Democrats Still Losing: Support for Elector College…Rises

As the recount efforts in three states continue to yield virtually no results, Hillary and the Democrats continue to pile on with their criticism of the Electoral College.

But the unexpected is happening: it’s backfiring on them…

Here’s more from RedState:

Democrats are out of touch again, imagine that. In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s electoral college loss to Donald Trump, some Democrats have been scrambling to introduce legislation to do away with the electoral college. Naturally, the left wouldn’t care at all if states such as California and New York decided presidential elections. They sneer and look down their noses at people in flyover country.

Their crusade to rid the country of the electoral college is going to be more difficult. Recent polling shows support for the electoral college has spiked sharply since 2011.

Americans’ support for keeping the Electoral College system for electing presidents has increased sharply. Weeks after the 2016 election, 47% of Americans say they want to keep the Electoral College, while 49% say they want to amend the Constitution to allow for a popular vote for president. In the past, a clear majority favored amending the U.S. Constitution to replace the Electoral College with a popular vote system.

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