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Democrats Win Big in Virginia, New Jersey Elections

Virginia and New Jersey are the odd men out when it comes to statewide election schedules.

The two states have historically made their gubernatorial decisions the year following the presidential election.

And they’ve long been seen as the bellwether for presidential mid-terms to come.

And that’s how Democrats are already spinning their double-victory in both states yesterday when their Republicans opponents were handily trounced.

President Trump was quick to criticize them for their failure to embrace him and his agenda, citing the GOP swing in this year’s four congressional special elections.

The reality is both states have trended blue for quite awhile, so this shouldn’t come as any surprise.

The question is whether this will be a larger trend going into to next year’s elections.

Here’s more from the AP…

President Donald Trump is distancing himself from defeated Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

Trump is addressing the disappointing result in a race seen as an early referendum on his political clout. He writes on Twitter that Gillespie “worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.” Gillespie largely tried to maintain his distance from Trump on the campaign trail.

Trump recorded robocalls to help boost Gillespie’s candidacy on Election Day. In one call, Trump said Gillespie shared his views on immigration and crime and would help “Make America Great Again.”

On what is shaping up to be a difficult night for Republicans, Trump is touting GOP victories earlier this year, writing, “With the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!”

A set of whoops and cheers went up at George Mason University in northern Virginia when media began calling Virginia’s governor’s race for Democrat Ralph Northam.

The call came so early that only a few hundred people had made it to the ballroom where Democrats had gathered to celebrate. Hundreds more were still waiting in line outside the ballroom waiting to get through metal detectors.

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