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Demolishing Paul Ryan’s Anti-Trump Rant

Paul Ryan delivered a Thursday night speech at the Reagan Library calling on the Republican Party to move on from President Trump. The speech shows, far better than any outside attack could, why the GOP actually needs to move on from Paul Ryan.

Ryan’s speech at the Ronald Reagan Library came two years after he retired from the House after three disappointing years as Speaker of the House. As Speaker, Paul Ryan pledged to support the Republican nominee, then attempted to renege on that pledge when the nominee ended up being Donald Trump (Ryan even told Republicans he thought Trump was in the pay of Putin).

After Trump’s upset victory, Ryan did his best to only pass whatever a Mitt Romney president would have passed, and then mercifully quit after the 2018 election to cash in as a corporate board member. In 2020, the first House election with Paul Ryan safely gone from the picture, Republicans made surprise gains in the House as the party shifted more in President Trump’s direction.

Now, Paul Ryan has suddenly emerged to try and bolster the Liz Cheney faction of the Republican Party. Read more…

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