Dems Debut Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory About Poll Watchers

In light of the chaotic 2020 presidential election, conservative groups across the country have prioritized getting everyday Americans off the sidelines and involved in helping to facilitate the smooth conduction of the 2022 midterms – but, of course, Democrats and their media allies can’t have that.

After mass mail-in (and unsupervised) balloting and hundreds of millions of “Zuckbucks” in government election offices shook many Americans’ confidence in election integrity in 2020, national organizations such as the Republican National Committee (RNC) have been hard at work training grassroots activists to become poll watchers for the 2022 midterms. To date, the RNC has recruited more than 70,000 new poll watchers and workers ahead of Election Day to “help deliver the election transparency that voters deserve.” Read more…

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