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Dems Openly Celebrate Executions With “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”

Hangmen used to be shunned. For most of human history, it was presumed that executions were sometimes right, just, and necessary for upholding the law and maintaining order, but those who dealt out death in cold blood were nonetheless considered unsavory. And it is still shocking to our sensibilities that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared an Executioner Appreciation Day.

Wait, my mistake. That was Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker declaring an Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Pritzker was fulsome in his praise for abortionists’ “courage, compassion, and dedication to their work.” He expounded upon how essential abortion is, and how excellent it is that Illinois is an abortion tourism destination.

So much for safe, legal, and rare.

That famous formulation from the charismatic half of the Clintons was mendacious (Bill Clinton supported even the most gruesome of late-term abortions) but politically effective. Read more…

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