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Dems Want Trans Brainwashing Hidden From Parents

With just over a month to go until voters decide whether to grant him a second term, Virginia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under fire for his dim view of parental rights in public education, particularly including a parent’s right to know if his or her child suffers from gender dysphoria.

In April, the Virginia Department of Education released a document [download link] titled “Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools,” which among a litany of pro-LGBT recommendations declares that “privacy and confidentiality are critical for transgender students who do not have supportive families,” citing a study claiming that “LGBT youth have a 120 percent increased risk of experiencing homelessness…”

Without commenting on this specific provision, the McAuliffe campaign wholeheartedly endorses the model itself as part of his LGBT platform…

“Apparently, McAuliffe has no objection to schools giving teachers the green light to deceive parents about their children’s adoption of a false identity,” Nick Bell, who served as deputy director at the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives in the Trump Department of Education, writes at The Federalist. “Few people agree with the lie pushed by the media and corporate America that one can change one’s sex. When it’s one’s own child who might be affected as school districts actively work to delude you, the danger becomes much more concrete.” Read more…

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