Denver Trump Campaign Office Vandalized, Defaced

Republican Party and Trump campaign offices around the country continue to fall victim to leftist vandalism as we near election day.

This time the Denver headquarters is seriously violated.

Read the full story from Breitbart:

In yet another act of political vandalism against Republicans, the Donald Trump campaign offices in Denver were attacked with vile slogans painted on its walls and windows in an attempt to intimidate Republican supporters of the GOP nominee.

The anti-Trump slogans were painted on an exterior brick wall of the office sometime early in the morning of Friday, November 4, police said. The windows of the office were also covered in paint.

Some of the vandalism included the words “pervert” and “thief” and were painted in large block letters on the brick facade of the building.

“It’s an anti message. We’ll investigate it using all the tools we have at our disposal including viewing electronic devices to determine who did this,” Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson told the Denver Post on Friday.

Another Republican office was also vandalized this week when the Alamance County, North Carolina GOP office suffered a spray-paint attack.

The Alamance County GOP office is not the only GOP office in North Carolina to be attacked this election season. In mid-October the GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was gutted by a firebomb. After the incident, local Republicans accused the Obama-controlled Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) of attempting to cover up the political motivations behind the attack with its investigation into the incident.

Recently, undercover videographer James O’Keefe unveiled a video showing Democrat operative explaining how they employ political violence to intimidate opponents and to win elections.

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