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Derek Chauvin Seeks Retrial Over George Floyd Murder Hoax

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted in the death of George Floyd, is seeking a new trial.

In an 82-page brief filed Monday, Chauvin’s attorney, William Mohrman, argued that it was impossible for his client to get a fair trial in Minneapolis amid the tense climate surrounding the proceedings and the pre-trial publicity.

He said the media coverage of the case “glorified Floyd and demonized Chauvin.”

Mohrman also argued that jurors were concerned for their safety and that of their loved ones and the possible implications if Chauvin was acquitted. Floyd’s death was followed by massive nationwide protests and rioting in many cities that sometimes resulted in violent clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators, and the city was “bracing for a riot” should Chauvin be acquitted. Read more…

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