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DeSantis Calls Out Republicans, Vows Real Action on Border

During a CNN presidential town hall event in Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the ongoing crisis at the southern border, expressing his frustration with the use of this issue as a mere political tool by Republicans. DeSantis emphasized his commitment to taking concrete actions, asserting that he will not just talk about solving the problem but will actively work toward resolution if elected president.

DeSantis outlined his strategy, intending to grant states the authority to enforce immigration laws, particularly enabling states like Texas to swiftly deport illegal immigrants across the U.S. border. He advocated for the construction of a border wall, citing past failures to fulfill this promise, notably referencing Donald Trump’s unfulfilled pledge to have Mexico finance the wall. DeSantis proposed a different approach by suggesting the imposition of fees on remittances sent by workers to foreign countries, intending to accumulate funds to finance the wall’s construction.

Addressing the blame placed on President Biden for the influx of approximately 8 million illegal immigrants, DeSantis redirected part of the responsibility toward the previous administration. He argued that had the border wall been built during Trump’s tenure, it would have presented a significant barrier to the current administration’s efforts to accommodate such a large influx of migrants. DeSantis stressed the necessity of a physical border wall, asserting its effectiveness as an obstacle even for a president with open-border policies.

DeSantis expressed his disillusionment with the recurrent use of the border issue solely for political gain by Republicans in election cycles, condemning the practice of leveraging the crisis to solicit donations and manipulate public sentiment. He underscored the urgency to move beyond rhetoric and take tangible steps to bring a decisive resolution to the border crisis, emphasizing his intent to follow through on actions rather than exploiting the issue as a perennial talking point.

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