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DeSantis Slams Disney’s Baseless Political Attack on Florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has described Disney’s lawsuit against his state as lacking in merit, instead being “political” in nature.

DeSantis has dismissed a Disney lawsuit against the state of Florida as being prompted by politics rather than consisting of any real substance.

The governer’s administration revoked the company’s control of the Reedy Creek district in Orlando – the location where the organisation’s Walt Disney World Resort is located – after the company began a political war against the state after it decided to ban the teaching of transgenderism to young children in Elementary Schools.

Disney is suing the state for what it calls a “targeted campaign of government retaliation” over the company’s progressive politics, with the multi-billion dollar media organisation having repeatedly come to verbal blows with the DeSantis administration in the past.

However, according to a report by Reuters, DeSantis has largely dismissed the suit, arguing that it is more built on politics than on any reasonable grievance the company has with the state. Read more…

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