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DeSantis SLAMS Trans Athletes Stealing Women’s Victories

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential contender in the 2024 presidential race, called out a biological male swimmer who competed in and won the women’s NCAA championships against his female competitors in 2022.

“It is wrong to have a swimmer compete for three years on the men’s swim team, switch to the women’s team, and then win the women’s national championship,” the Florida governor said while speaking at Liberty University Friday. “That is a fraud. That is wrong.”

Though he did not mention the swimmer by name, DeSantis was apparently referring to Lia Thomas, the biological male who tied with 12-time All-American female swimmer Riley Gaines in the 200-yard NCAA championships in March 2022.

DeSantis’ comment come just days after Gaines, an outspoken advocate of preventing female-identifying biological males from competing in women’s athletics, was “violently accosted, shouted at, physically assaulted, and barricaded in a room by protestors” after speaking to students at San Francisco State University. Read more…

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