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DeSantis Vows to Sue Biden Admin over Vaccine Mandates

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Thursday vowed to take legal action against President Biden’s attempts to force workers across the country to get vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus or face termination, emphasizing it is “fundamentally wrong” to take jobs away.

“Let”s not have Biden come in and effectively take away – threaten to take away – the jobs of people who have been working hard throughout this entire pandemic,” DeSantis said during a Thursday press conference in Fort Myers, Florida.

“I am offended that a police officer could potentially lose their job,” he said, outlining what he views as his administration’s duty at the state level, which he said is to do “whatever we need to do to protect Floridians from mandates that could result in them losing their jobs.”

“We have to protect the jobs of Floridians,” he stressed, noting that legal action is on the table. Read more…

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